24-28 June 2024

Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain

We are glad to announce the fifth edition of the Complexity72h workshop

Complexity72h is an interdisciplinary workshop for young researchers in complex systems.
Participants form teams and carry out projects in a three days’ time, i.e. 72 hours.
The goal of each team is to finalize a report of their work by the end of the event.

The call for participants is now closed

22 JAN 24


15 MAR 24


29 FEB 24
07 MAR 24


25 MAR 24


Partners & Sponsors

We are grateful to our partner and sponsors. Their logistical, scientific and financial support is making Complexity72h possible. Also, through their help, we can keep the cost for participants as low as possible.

uc3m logo

Carlos III University of Madrid

Carlos III University of Madrid, founded in 1989, is a public university in Spain known for academic excellence and innovation. With a modern campus, diverse programs, and a focus on internationalization, it promotes inclusive learning and has strong collaborations with prestigious global institutions.

comsotec logo


Comsotec, a non-profit association, focuses on studying sociotechnological complex systems. Its goals include promoting research, spreading knowledge, supporting education, facilitating knowledge transfer to public administrations and businesses ethically, fostering collaboration with entities globally, and promoting various activities contributing to the study of complexity in sociotechnological contexts.

cuebiq logo


Cuebiq is a leading geospatial and mobility intelligence company that empowers businesses, investors and public sector entities to make data-driven decisions using location data. At the forefront of industry privacy standards, Cuebiq has built a data-neutral ecosystem that makes open innovation accessible under strict, explicit opt-in data collection policies. In an effort to enhance the quality of life across the globe, Cuebiq also partners with academic and research institutions on humanitarian initiatives such as free natural disaster relief and epidemiology with its Social Impact program.

ISI logo

ISI Foundation

ISI Foundation is a research institute based in Turin, Italy. The combination of data, theory and impact is the founding essence of all the ISI research domains, which feed each other through borderless collaborations among multidisciplinary scientists, providing a solid, growing and high-potential knowledge capital that can be leveraged in all possible endeavours.

SICOMORO Foundation

SICMORO Foundation is a non-profit organization, with a scientific base, dedicated to the study of the General Theory of Systems. The General Theory of Systems is a method of knowledge that has as its starting point interdisciplinarity and a global vision of reality, which allows you to understand situations and problems from a different approach, helping to deepen the knowledge of reality. Their purpose is to contribute to the development of a collective knowledge, built by all, capable of improving our society.